S.T.A.R. is a Scientific. Truth. Analytical. Research team* based out of Colorado that dedicates itself in finding the true answers to various claims, stories and Phenomenon.  

We take pride in helping the communities involved get the answers they deserve.  Our mission is to neither prove nor disprove but to let facts speak for themselves. We provide clear, precise and truthful results in a professional manner.    

 S.T.A.R.  was created to help people in the communities in which we serve, by providing them with truthful answers to the phenomena or events they are experiencing.

We pride ourselves on being not only professional and friendly, but using the latest in technology to help determine what may or may not be going on in your place of business or residence.  



I was raised in Plymouth Minnesota and moved to Colorado when I was 16. I attended and graduated private schools where I learned Science and Biology as well as Technology.

 I attended several Universities where I gained a knowledge of Geology,HVACR and basic Plumbing as well as Electronics and many other Science based courses.

Worked in the High end Security field since 2007 as well as High level security for facilities regulated and controlled by the U.S.Government.



Born:  Hastings Minnesota
Moved to Colorado 1972
High School: Broomfield High and Centaurus High.
21 Years Retired Navy: Worked as ABH launching and recovering aircraft on carriers.
Military Crash & Salvage.

Military Police, Ship & Shore.
Ordained Minister 07/21/03.
P.A.O Public Affairs Officer, after retirement from Navy:  Navy Recruiting District Denver 

Worked in Security field from 2005-2018, Worked as Security Site Supervisor at a Federal regulated facility


S.T.A.R. has always been interested in the unexplained, unknown, and the possibility of communication with spirits. We have been frustrated with a lot of unprofessional ways so called “Ghost Hunters”or "Paranormal Investigators" come up with their findings. We do believe it may be possible for spirits to communicate, but are not willing to take just any flashing light or microwave/radio wave signal as reported communication. 

We believe that without proper scientific investigation using the proper equipment all reports are just reports. Unknown activity is just that (Unknown). Without direct response recorded with proper equipment, and not a response “Set Up” by embellishing  every blinking light and static radio signals to be a sign from the “other side”.

S.T.A.R will not inform someone their location is, or is not “Haunted” without real scientific proof. We will however report any possible scientific reasons for activity and any possible safety hazards found


*Please note: We are a scientific research group . We investigate reports of the Unknown and Paranormal, we are truly dedicated to using the latest in technology to take measurements and readings of the environment and surrounding structures.

We report to the requestor, any identified safety hazards during our investigations and strive to determine the difference between fact and fiction.

All investigations are done with the permission of our clients. It is unwise to attempt to or enter any premises or private property without the express permission of the property or home owners. Doing so may result in arrest or harm. 




S.T.A.R  (Scientific Truth Analytical Research) started with two friends sitting around talking about our beliefs in the paranormal due to our own personal experiences. We discussed our views on “Paranormal Television Shows” and how we hoped that those shows did not embellish findings for ratings.  

We talked about how we would conduct our investigations if we had our own Paranormal Team. We both believe that we would never put out “evidence” which we like to call Data, as being a “Haunting” without hard scientific facts. We decided that we would collect our raw data and present it to our clients “as is’. 

We would never present an audio clip, and inform the client what it says. By doing this you implant a thought in the  persons mind which after hearing, would predispose them to hear as well.  An example of this would be if we thought an “EVP” said “I have a Gun” we would not make this known to the client. Because they may hear on their own, words such as “I’m on the Run” or “I’m having Fun”.  When we hear something during an investigation we write it down and show it to each other, to see if we agree. 

We decided unless we had a clear precise answer “EVP” to a clear precise question, or clear precise video recording which had been verified, would we never state it as proof of a Spirit. (Please see our explanation of (what is a Ghost vs what is a Spirit.)

After going over the idea if two guys from Minnesota could indeed put together a “Paranormal” team which would function as we had just discussed..................We decided Why Not?  A few days later we met and put our heads together for quite some time, we worked on developing an acronym for our team.  After many attempts and many hours of some hilarious and futile results we came up with what describes exactly what we do.

(Scientific) we conduct our investigations in a scientific manner. (Truth) We provide truthful answers to our findings -our data.  (Analytical) We never jump to a conclusion and say hey that was a Ghost or Spirit, We put our heads together (Sometimes that hurts) and come to a mutual agreement on what we feel we have witnessed. And finally (Research) we conduct research on the location. We hold a meeting with the client at a neutral location before arriving at the site. After arriving at the location we conduct more research before beginning the investigation.  

We have built our team from what we like to say was “Two dudes and a K2”   To having many cases full of scientific equipment. Our equipment offers various ways to find the true cause and effects of the reports we receive.  We are proud of what we do, and more importantly of how we conduct our investigations. The greatest feeling is when our clients tell us that we have put them at ease, or at least helped them understand what is going on at their location.

We do not charge our clients for our investigations and have used our own funds to purchase our equipment, travel, and grow. 

Thank you for taking the time to find out about S.T.A.R